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World Class
Anti-Counterfeit Solutions


The Affyrmx Group provides document protection expertise and security printing solutions to governments around the world. With over 25 years of experience in high security printing, we are a recognized leader in our field. At Affyrmx, we focus on innovation and the discovery of new and proprietary technologies that can keep our customers a step ahead of the threats to their reputation.

Our goal is to be a world-class company that governments around the world rely upon and trust to help them meet their needs.

Providing Confidence


Affyrmx is highly specialized in its focus. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have never sought to be the largest company in our industry; instead, we have only sought to be the best. Our experience, technical expertise and drive to excel have been long recognized by our customers in the public sector - where only the very best will do.

Our customized solutions, powerful enough to protect against the most sophisticated forms of fraudulent activity, have consistently met customer expectations and requirements. And while our successes must be kept confidential, the list of our customers - initially spanning the Americas - has expanded across the globe.

Our narrow focus on government specific application affords us an unmatched insight into our customers' needs. With this proven industry specific experience and knowledge, we offer practical and sustainable solutions that are trusted by governments around the world. This trust is what defines us as a company and the level of confidence that we build with customers is the measure of our success.

We offer a full range of high-security products and services including:

- Security Paper
- Security Documents
- Vital Records Documents
- Identification Cards
- Visas
- Tax Stamps
- Lottery Tickets
- Security Foils and Holograms
- Covert Markers
- Scanner Technology
- Forensic Analysis
- Customer Education and Training

Security Solutions


We help protect the security of government assets and documents from potential threats – an issue that is more and more important in a world where the volume and sophistication of counterfeit operations continues to accelerate.

Faced with this significant challenge, many government institutions increasingly turn to us as their partner of choice. Our expertise allows us to integrate multiple, overt and covert security technologies with print, especially intaglio printing, to provide a robust solution for our clients.

We liaise directly with key stakeholders through the entire process to increase the results and value experience for the customer. Our entire team – design and technical specialists, suppliers, printing experts, and logistic partners - work together to maintain a secure chain of custody through the entire project.


Affyrmx has built up an impressive network of strategic partnerships. Ranging from specialists in forensic analysis to suppliers of innovative security technologies, these relationships augment and strengthen our existing capabilities. This expertise enables us to offer an integrated portfolio of products to meet the needs of our customers as they seek to protect identities and fight counterfeiting.

Our Customers


We work both directly and indirectly with governments across all regions, though due to the highly confidential nature of each project, more specific information cannot be made available.

While we continue to expand our customer base in both North and South America, we have also met with increasing demand from numerous sources in Asia, Oceania and Africa.

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